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Phone Wallets & Pouches

Phone Wallets & Pouches

It’s fair to say that most of us own a phone these days, but where to put it? Our phone wallets prevent your phone from stretching the pockets of your favorite jeans or having your keys and coins scratch the screen of your handset as it rattles around your bag, all while looking stunningly and unmistakably Vendula London.

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About Vendula London phone wallets.


Many people associate phone wallets with unsightly, cheap, mass-produced products designed to protect your phone from scratches and damage – but not much else. At Vendula London, this notion couldn’t be further from the truth concerning our stunning phone pouches. 

Each phone wallet receives the same care and attention to detail as our bags and accessories. Lovingly embossed and adorned with eye-catching detailing, colors, and soft vegan leathers, we design each phone pouch to look fabulous while withstanding the rigors of time and everyday use. 

You’ll also find a phone wallet for your personality, outfit, or Vendula London collection. With a wide array of designs encompassing many of our Boutique Styles and Shopfronts collections, you can complement your favorite bags or mix-match with our other accessories. 


Cruelty-free phone wallets.


As with all Vendula London products, we produce our phone pouches free from animal testing. In addition, our cruelty-free ethos means that we’re certified as vegan-approved by The Vegetarian Society.