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Welcome to Vendula London’s Loyalty Program


Collect points and get rewards.


TO GET STARTED - Create an account on our website to accumulate points, use the same account/email every time you purchase to ensure you accumulate points in your account. You can also create an account during checkout.


HOW IT WORKS - Whenever you make a purchase online you will earn points relevant to your tier (5,6 or 8 points) for every $ you spend. You can then use your points to redeem a single use voucher for money off and other rewards on your next purchase. When you redeem your voucher it will display in your account and can be copied and used during checkout. Your account shows all the activity in your account from points purchases and extra points to vouchers that you have redeemed and used so you can see exactly how you have earned your points and how you have spent them.


ON MOBILE - First, log in or create a new customer account (You can do that by clicking here) and then navigate to the 'MY Rewards' Section of the customer menu. Once on the loyalty rewards section, please click on the 3 lines in the top right corner of the rewards panel to access the rewards menu sections.

Loyalty Mobile Menu


IMPORTANT - You can only use a single (1) voucher for each purchase and multiple vouchers cannot be combined with other promotional codes or voucher codes.


QUESTIONS - If you have any questions or you have any issues, don’t worry, we can help you. Please email us at - and one of our team will get back to you asap.



5 points earned per $ per purchase
$0 - $379.99 Lifetime spend
Access to - $10/$15/$20/$30 money off vouchers
6 points earned per $ per purchase
$380 - $749.99 Lifetime spend
In addition to Bronze vouchers, access to $40 money off vouchers
8 points earned per $ per purchase
$750+ Lifetime spend
In addition to Silver vouchers, access to $50 money off vouchers



Currently we give money off vouchers only, however we aim to add different additional rewards in the future.



The primary way of earning points is via purchases, however we have come up with a few ways that you can earn extra points.


  • Get points when you set up an account
  • Follow us on Instagram and Facebook
  • Add your birthday for a surprise on your special date!
  • Refer a friend (Coming soon!) - Refer a friend and when they spend with us you get points too!


Please check back often to see the new and interesting ways you can earn extra points in the future.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS - IMPORTANT - Please note that Vendula London Ltd reserves the right to withdraw or amend the loyalty program at any time. In the event that Vendula London Ltd withdrew the loyalty program, all loyalty members would be notified via email and given any reward vouchers only where the loyalty member has accumulated 200 points or more.


1. By entering our Loyalty scheme, you agree to have an account with us to collect or redeem your points.

2. Only one account per customer. Users found with multiple accounts will have the account with the least points blocked, the points will not be transferable and will be lost.

3. To use our Loyalty Program you must to be over 18+. By using our loyalty program we will assume you are 18 year or older. If and account user is found to be less than 18 years old, the account will be terminated and the points will be lost.

4. The vouchers are only valid on the Vendula London website.

5. In case of exchange/refunds points will be added/deducted at the rate of 5/6/8 point/s per $ spent/refunded, and dependent on the users Tier.

6. Vendula London reserves the right to deactivate or close your account in case of suspicion of fraud, misuse or disrespect of staff.

7. Points cannot be transferred, bought, sold or in any way traded.

8. You can decide to leave our Loyalty Program at any time. If you do, you will lose any outstanding points and/or vouchers.

9. Points have a lifetime of 12 months from purchase. The system will notify the user of points expiration via email before the points expire.

10. Vouchers are valid for a single use and are valid for 1 month from date of redemption.

11. All vouchers are not cumulative with any other offers, promotions, codes or competitions.

12. The vouchers cannot be exchanged for money. No change will be given.