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Shopper and Tote Bags

Shopper and Tote Bags

 Our shopper bags are perfect for a grab-and-go style that says a lot about your personality, from popping to the shops to wandering through the local market. At Vendula London, you’ll find a collection of tote bags that tick all the boxes when it comes to fashion-meets-functionality. If you’re searching for complimentary products, why not check out our extensive range of unique wallets and purses?

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About our shopper bags

The tote shopper bag was first introduced in 1912 by a Minnesota greengrocer. After realizing customers were restricting their purchases as they struggled to carry goods, he came up with the great idea to reinforce the humble paper bag with a cord and handles. Thus, the shopper bag was born. 

Our tote bags take this classic design and stamp them with our unique, inimitable style, allowing you to pick a product that resonates with your fashion choices and character.

From charming seaside retreats to fabulous floral designs, our intricately detailed bags allow you to chuck in all the essentials such as your purse, sunglasses, and lipstick while leaving the house, with plenty of room left for whatever you pick up at the shops.

Totes amazing, anti-animal testing, and cruelty-free. 

Not only do our tote bags turn heads as you shop, but they’re also incredibly ethical too. 

We source and create all of our materials and designs using zero animal testing, and we’re incredibly proud to be vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society. So, rather than stockpiling countless plastic bags, why not invest in one of our eco-friendly shopper bags instead?