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Phone Cases

Phones rarely leave our side, whether in school, work, home, or socializing. With our quirky phone cases from Vendula London, you can protect your handset while still looking fabulous! Plus, with phone cases from some of our favorite collections, it’s super easy to coordinate with accessories and bags

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About our Vendula London phone cases.


These days, our phones are an essential part of our life. Of course, we call and message from our mobiles, but we also connect through social media, manage finances, film and photograph, play games, watch movies and series, meditate, and much more. So it makes sense then that people wish to protect their prized possession from damage.

At Vendula London, we design our phone cases to safeguard your handset from scrapes, scratches, bumps, and bangs – but the difference is, with us, you’ll look good while you do it! Long gone are clunky, mass-produced cases that include aesthetics as an afterthought. Instead, our quirky phone cases speak to your style, packed full of color, character, and detail. 

You’ll find many of your favorites from Vendula’s Boutique and Shopfront collections, so it’s easy to style them alongside your best-loved Vendula accessories and bags!


Vegan phone cases.


Not only do our cases for phones look stunning and give you added security and protection, but they’re also animal-friendly. We create our cases using zero animal testing and cruelty-free methods, which means we’re proudly vegan-approved by The Vegetarian Society.