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Mini Bags

Mini Bags

Don’t let their size fool you; our mini bags make a bold statement. With Vendula London, you can add a playful twist and a whole bunch of personality into any outfit. Our belt bags come in a fantastic variety of funky designs and vibrant colors, enabling you to soup up your ensemble while also squeezing in some essentials.

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About our mini bags

Bigger trainers, baggier jeans, and ever-growing earrings. As the fashion world expands in size, many style-conscious customers opt to go smaller to pick the perfect bag for their outfits. 

As we’re always staying ahead of the curve in our unique style, Vendula London is proud to bring you a collection of mini bag shapes that certainly know how to make a statement. 

From Meghan Markle to Kendall Jenner, the mini bag spans both sides of the celebrity spectrum, picking up plenty of admiring fans as it elbows its way back into fashion’s public eye. 

With that said, at Vendula London, you’re not just investing in any old design. Our mini and belt bags selection are charming, character-filled, colorful, and speak volumes about you. We’ve made sure to produce a sparkling collection of bags that resonate with your style and personality, from cats and cafes to flower shops and seaside retreats. 

Small in stature, big on ethics

No matter the size of our products, we always ensure that we produce our designs through cruelty-free means. As a result, you can be safe with our vegan-approved products knowing that all materials sourced and processes involve no animal testing.