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Scarves are a superb means of switching up an outfit instantly, enjoying multiple uses and plenty of ways to wear them; you can completely change up your ensemble in seconds. At Vendula London, you’ll discover a stunning collection of scarves for women as versatile as they are unique and eye-catching. For more products, don’t miss our complete range of accessories

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Discover a collection of scarves to make your ensemble sing!


We’re all guilty of getting itchy feet when it comes to our wardrobe; one minute, we’re in love with a particular piece, and the next, it’s in the sell or donation pile. Of course, it’s natural to fall in and out of love with clothing, but there are ways around these impulsive pangs of shopping fever that don’t involve replacing your collection.

Satin scarves look fabulous in their own right, but where they come into play is working their magic on an outfit. Instead of bagging up swathes of garments when you get bored, our scarves for women grant you the ability to add different textures, colors, and accents to existing wardrobe favorites, giving them a new lease of life. 


A cruelty-free collection of women’s scarves.


Being Vegan Approved by The Vegetarian Society means we create all Vendula London bags and accessories using zero animal testing and cruelty-free methods, including our stunningly soft vegan leather.