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Keyrings & Charms

Keyrings & Charms

Keyring charms are a super popular accessory, and although they’re seemingly small and simple, they certainly pack a punch in personality. Here at Vendula London, you’ll find an assortment of quirky keyrings to add to your collection, giving everyday items such as keys and phones that unmistakable Vendula style. 

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Discover keyrings and charms packed full of character.


Just because you use something every day doesn’t mean it has to look drab! When heading out the door or on the go, we quickly grab house keys and phones without much of a second thought, but why should these everyday items not suit your ensemble? 

At Vendula London, we’ve created a range of quirky keyrings that slot into your outfit, making each aspect work cohesively rather than stick out like a sore thumb. With designs that mirror many of our stylish Boutique and Shopfront collections, plus a whole host of original creations and furry animal friends, it’s never been easier to ensure you’re fully accessorized and looking flawless. 


Cruelty-free keyring charms.


Vendula’s accessories stay clear of animal testing and use cruelty-free methods and materials. As a result, we’re proud to be recognized as Vegan Approved by The Vegetarian Society.