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When it comes to accessories for your ears, we say go big or go home! Our beaded earrings don’t shy away from unique style; with bright colors and bold designs, Vendula earrings let your personality and outfit shine through, with a fantastic choice available for whatever occasion or color scheme.

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Explore our beautiful collection of Vendula beaded earrings.


We’re passionate about promoting unique styles here at Vendula London. We firmly believe that every outfit aspect should shout about your personality and individuality, allowing you to stand out from the crowd for the right reasons. 

We’ve created a stunning collection of beaded earrings that achieves just that, with a vivid array of designs that appeal to all tastes and complement any outfit combination or occasion. 

Our fantastic selection of accessories will elevate your ensemble, from mouth-watering melons and super cute sausage dog earrings to monstera leaves and pretty polka dots. 


Accessorize with animal-friendly earrings.


As with our popular vegan bags, we also ensure that every accessory in our collection is Vegan Approved by using zero animal testing and cruelty-free methods.