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Scrunchies & Eyemasks

Scrunchies & Eyemasks

Don’t settle for the drab when tying back your hair – explore our eye-catching range of Vendula London scrunchies instead! Your hair game will never be the same with the addition of our vibrant designs into your accessory collection, with super soft and color-filled hair scrunchies that look just as good on the wrist! 

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Switch up your hair accessories with our gorgeous Vendula London scrunchies.


Scrunchies are a practical accessory, but that doesn’t mean they have to be dull! But, of course, we couldn’t live with creating a boring design, so at Vendula London, our hair scrunchies are anything but!

Here you’ll discover a fabulous collection of super soft silk scrunchies that demand attention, grab compliments and perform precisely as a scrunchie should! Whether you opt for a design that mirrors something from our Shopfront or Boutique collections or an individual creation, you’ll find a mesmeric choice of colors and exquisite attention to detail that you’ll never want to take off. 


Vegan-approved accessories from Vendula London.


We employ a strict stance against animal testing, ensuring that our processes and soft vegan leathers are sourced and manufactured entirely free from cruelty. As a result, we’re proudly certified as Vegan Approved by The Vegetarian Society.