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Vendula Garden Centre

Vendula Garden Centre

Gardens are a place of serenity, beauty and R&R, and what better way to embody this than with a brand new range of accessories, bags, wallets and purses?! The Vendula Garden Centre is now open and is the latest addition to our stunning Shopfront range. Step inside, and you’ll be greeted with gorgeous yellows, greens, and plenty of garden-themed detailing, including gnomes, birdhouses, plants and flowers. Embellish your seasonal ensemble with a splash of colour and give a nod to nature!

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The Garden Centre is a brand new addition to our beautiful Shopfront range, and it’s the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of busy everyday life – so grab yourself a slice of serenity! 

Comprising a wide selection of quirky handbags, including Grace Bags, Grab Bags and Mini Bags, plus a whole host of accessories, wallets and purses, you’ve got all you need to inject some natural beauty and cute seasonal colours into your outfits. 

Peer closer, and you’ll also notice lots of lovely intricate details in classic Vendula style. From our fashionable flora and mini garden gnomes to the many tools and a dungaree-clad cat, each has been lovingly handstitched into our signature soft vegan leather. 

Of course, we’ve also made sure to take care of practicalities. Whether our amazingly spacious Arden Bag or our eye-catching Watering Can Bag, each leaves plenty of room for your everyday essentials, with generous pockets, compartments and secure zips for good measure! 


Inspired by nature, protecting our animals.


Vendula London is proud to be certified as vegan-approved by The Vegetarian Society, thanks to our strict ethos of zero cruelty and no animal testing, from our many processes to the soft vegan leather we use.