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Kitty's Diner

Kitty's Diner

On the menu today… Kitty’s Diner! This vintage Vendula design has been given a new lick of paint and exciting, unique detailing and characters, such as our rollerskating waitresses! Comprising Shopfront favourites, including the ever-popular Grace Bag, handy Pouch Bag and our gorgeous Speedy Bowler, you’ll also find a brand new dish on our specials in the Tallulah shape, available in two versatile sizes. 

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Roll on into Kitty’s Diner, a mouthwatering new Vendula London collection.


Take a booth, make yourself comfortable and grab a menu because this revamped Shopfront Collection has a tantalisingly tasty selection of unique Handbags and more. 

Many of your favourites are still present, with a versatile selection of shapes, including our Grace Bag, Grab Bag, Pouch Bag and Speedy Bowler, plus a fabulous range of Accessories, Wallets and Purses to style across your seasonal ensembles. 

Each design features classic Vendula detailing guaranteed to make your look stand out from the crowd, with the neon glow of our diner sign, the classic jukebox and our fabulous rollerskating waitresses! Styled in stunning contrasting turquoise and hot pink, this collection will ensure everybody is feasting their eyes on your outfit! 


A Vegan-friendly menu.


Each Vendula London creation is created using soft vegan leather and cruelty-free processes. Our animal-friendly ethos means we’re certified as Vegan-Approved by The Vegetarian Society.