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Crossbody Bags

Crossbody Bags

Our cross-body bags collection is a versatile, fuss-free accessory brought to you in Vendula London’s inimitable, vivid style. Effortlessly combining fashionable form and functionality, our striking designs capture the imagination and convey your style. Browse below for an array of cute crossbody bags to complete your look.

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About our crossbody bags

The crossbody bag rises to any occasion, flexible and fashionable enough for your daily escapades while stylishly sufficient to sashay your way straight to an evening do. In addition, crossbody handbags are effortlessly easy to wear, freeing up your arms without having to worry that your bag (and its contents) are safe and sound.

The crossbody bag originates from the early days of modern Europe. Initially used to store coins, they were a unisex item traditionally made of soft fabrics before being intricately embroidered.

We take this intricacy and heritage onboard before giving our cross body bags the Vendula London treatment, bestowing each beautiful design with exquisite detailing and colour that’s sure to steal the show.

Crossbody and cruelty-free.

One factor that has changed since the early years of crossbody bag fashion is our use of materials. These days, we must take care of the planet for future generations, sourcing alternative resources wherever possible.

That’s why Vendula London uses soft vegan leathers and why we’re proudly vegan approved; we produce all of our accessories without using any animal testing.