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Shakespeare's Theatre - The Tempest

Shakespeare's Theatre - The Tempest

It’s curtain call at Vendula London’s Shakespeare’s Theatre as we launch a brand new range inspired by England’s most famous playwright; welcome to The Tempest. Our theatrically fashionable collection of unique bags features plenty of nods to the famous play. From the vivid swirls and crashing waves of the tempest itself to our feline actor’s take on Ariel, there’s plenty to take in and turn heads aplenty. 

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Explore Shakespeare’s Theatre - The Tempest, a collection of handbags and purses full of magic and mischief.


The Tempest range from Vendula London is a thespian’s dream, a delicately designed collection of beautiful handbags and coin purses that pays homage to one of Shakespeare’s most famous and best-loved plays. 

The latest addition to our Shopfront range is a perfect storm of loving nods to the playwright’s masterpiece, quirky Vendula London styling and many handy practical features. Peer behind the red curtain, and you’ll discover a stunning selection of pieces that covers everything from grab bags and grace bags to functional purses and wallets

Each creation is a theatrical feast for the eyes, featuring stormy clouds complete with chain detailing,large wallets Vendula’s pooch Prospero and the feline spirit Ariel who’s doomed to do his bidding. Features such as our sturdy metal studded feet, spacious compartments and secure zippers mean that wherever The Tempest range takes you, you’ll look great and stay comfortable.


The Tempest range is cruelty-free and Vegan-Approved.


Vendula London prides itself on ensuring all processes, designs and materials are carried out using zero animal testing. Vendula’s commitment to creating our bags and accessories cruelty-free is recognised by The Vegetarian Society, which has certified us as Vegan-Approved.