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Grace Bags

Grace Bags

Vendula London’s stylish and sophisticated grace bags are the epitome of eye-catching aesthetics married with ultimate versatility. Comfortably at home as a daytime companion, fast forward to the evening, and the grace bag is just as effortlessly cool and capable. Find the perfect piece for you below, and don’t forget to explore our stunning collection of accessories too!

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About our grace bags

Vendula London’s collection of grace bags embodies that very word as we bring you a graceful and sophisticated selection of bags to add to your beloved collection. With a well-defined yet instantly distinguishable shape, elegant ergonomics, and (of course) our unmistakable Vendula style, our grace bags are an adaptable yet eye-catching fashion accessory.

All of our designs feature vivid colours, intricately printed details, a comfy handle and plenty of space for your essentials. But, at the same time, there are plenty of beautiful designs to portray your style and personality best.

Versatile and vegan-approved

We’re just as passionate about sustainability and ethics as we are about style and personality, which is why all of our Vendula London grace bags are produced free of animal testing and 100% cruelty-free.

We’re immensely proud of our vegan-approved products, with our designs going to show that you don’t have to compromise on style and quality to make a positive impact.