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Eye Masks and Hot Water Bottles

Eye Masks and Hot Water Bottles

Secure the perfect night's sleep or plan yourself a well-deserved pamper session with an eye mask or Vendula London hot water bottle. Every once in a while, you should take five from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy some You Time, and with our products, you can do so in style! We design our homeware collection for comfort, using soft materials that are kind on the skin, while vivid colours ensure you still look fabulous!

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Enjoy a pamper with Vendula London

There are some nights where the last thing you want to do is get glammed up, you know the ones, right? The perfect evening with a hot bath, a glass of wine and an old-fashioned pamper session.

With our hot water bottles and eye masks, you only need to worry about which book to pick up or which film to stick on! They’re designed with your comfort and relaxation in mind, featuring soft, fluffy materials that snuggle the skin and let you kick back for a carefree evening. 

A collection of homeware products that cares

As with Vendula London products, our homeware collection is Vegan-Approved by The Vegetarian Society. We’ve achieved this certification by using cruelty-free methods and zero animal testing throughout all of our range.