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The Botanist

The Botanist

Get in touch with nature and ensure spring and summer never end with our stunning new Shopfront collection, The Botanist. This unique collection of accessories, bags, wallets and purses are resplendent in green and purple hues, with a washed effect vegan leather that invites you in and plenty of gorgeous wisteria detailing and more. You’ll also find plenty of practical elements to enjoy, meaning you can wear this bag season-wide for any occasion. 

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Get lost in our beautiful new range; welcome to The Botanist by Vendula London. 


Feel the breeze brush through your hair, the first warming rays of spring sunshine dance off your skin, and the sound of nature awakening all around you. SS23 is here, and Vendula London is welcoming a stunning new Shopfront collection to celebrate! 

The Botanist comprises a range of breathtaking bags to add to your wardrobe, featuring our stunning soft leather in a washed aesthetic that offers plenty of texture in a head-turning green hue. The plush purples of our embossed wisteria detailing offset this enchanting emerald green. There are plenty of intricate handstitched elements to explore, including spring flowers and Foxy, the friendly Vendula fox!

You’ll also discover an extensive selection of accessories, wallets and purses to complement our many Botanist bags, or mix and match with your favourite Vendula London ranges as you choose! 


We’re inspired by nature and are animal-friendly.


The Botanist collection practices what it preaches! Vendula London creates each collection using cruelty-free methods, zero animal testing and super soft vegan leathers. Our approach means that we’re proudly Vegan-Approved by The Vegetarian Society.