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We’re often guilty of considering the humble headband an afterthought, but this shouldn’t be the case! So instead, we thoughtfully design each of our Vendula headbands to mirror many of our stunning collections; they’re an accessory that becomes a part of your ensemble and provides plenty of practicalities. Browse below for a unique selection of headbands for women.

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Quirky headbands for women that’ll turn heads

Headbands are usually something we’ll grab when we’re on the go, having a busy day or needing to keep the hair off our face. We usually wear them when we’re not particularly glammed up or perhaps looking our best, but that doesn’t mean that your ensemble has to suffer!

Our Vendula headbands give these humble accessories an eye-catching makeover that will let your outfit and personality shine, featuring stunning details, head-turning colours and designs that mirror many of our popular Boutique and Shopfront collections.

Vegan headbands for the fashion conscious

Vendula London proves that you can look good and consider animal welfare simultaneously. We create all our bags and accessories without animal testing and cruelty-free methods. Together with our soft vegan leathers, these processes mean that we’re certified as Vegan Approved by The Vegetarian Society.