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Enjoy a comfy, good night's sleep or stay snug as you lounge in style; the Vendula London pyjamas range is here! Our high-quality woven nightwear is full of colour and character, from toasty tartan pyjamas to a selection of Shopfront and Boutique-inspired creations. Explore our designs below and discover your new favourite set! 

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  • Vendula Tattoo Studio Satin Pyjamas Vendula Tattoo Studio Satin Pyjamas

    Vendula Tattoo Studio Satin Pyjamas

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Pick out your new favourite pair of pyjamas from Vendula London

There’s something wonderfully comforting about a pair of pyjamas, isn’t there? Whether it’s a brand new set or some freshly washed favourites, jumping into your pyjamas at the end of a long day and lounging around in total relaxation is one of life’s simple pleasures! 

Here at Vendula London, you’ll discover a stunning collection of unique pyjamas that keep you warm, snug and looking super stylish! Employing some of our favourite Vendula colours and designs, you’ll find plenty of rich, vivid and luxurious colours to enjoy, plus plenty of our best-selling Boutique and Shopfront favourites. 

Enjoy our animal-friendly nightwear.

We create every Vendula London product using cruelty-free processes and zero animal testing, from our pyjamas to our fabulous handbags. Such is our commitment to this ethos; we’re certified as Vegan Approved by The Vegetarian Society.