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The Wedding Shop Wide Shoulder Strap

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No need for alterations, the Wedding Shop Wide Shoulder Strap is perfect as it is! Made of vegan leather, this strap comes in cream and pink, with a pink tulle-fringed border, and it is adorned with delicate flowers and pearls all over. It is wide enough to sit comfortably on your shoulder and it can be used every day, all year round, day and night, to give your Wedding Shop Grace, Bella, Mini Grace or Pouch bag – or any other bag that comes with a detachable strap - an even more marvellous look. Think about how fabulous you will look with this beautiful accessory on your shoulder. Will you take the plunge and treat yourself?


Our Wide Shoulder Strap can be used with any bag that has a removable strap or handle! It may not be suitable for bags where the straps are fixed or sewn-in.

Compatible bag shapes are;

Grab Bag | Grace Bag | Tallulah | Mini Grace Bag | Mini Tallulah | Mini Tote | Nova Backpack | Pouch Bag | Phone Pouch Bag | House Bag | Some Novelty Styles |