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If you enjoy Vendula London’s iconic designs, why not welcome them into your home? So do away with drab tea towels and scruffy aprons, and explore our striking range of quirky kitchenware that’ll get guests talking. With creations mirroring many of our much-loved collections, you can factor some unmistakable Vendula style into your kitchen thanks to this stunning homeware collection.

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Cute kitchenware from Vendula London.


Some homeware products we pick up and do away with without much of a second thought. But why shouldn’t tea towels and aprons mirror your tastes and style too? 

At Vendula London, we want to let your personality shine through no matter the task or where you are in your home. With our quirky kitchenware, you can express yourself and factor in stunning colors and characters from our many ranges.

So whether that’s kitsch cats and corgis or vivid tartan patterns, with a tea towel or apron from Vendula, you’ll achieve a real homeliness and inviting aesthetic that’ll get people talking.


A cruelty-free range of kitchenware.


At Vendula London, we must put animals first when designing and creating our products. Therefore, we use zero animal testing and cruelty-free methods, which means we’re proudly certified as Vegan-Approved by The Vegetarian Society.