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Water Bottles

Water Bottles

Quench your thirst and look fabulous with a Vendula London water bottle. We design our water bottles to stand out from the crowd, much more than a mere vessel to drink from, allowing you to portray your personality and add a splash of color and character. Are you searching for more unique products? Browse our complete homeware collection

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More about our Vendula London water bottles.


Why waste your time with a plain old water bottle when you can turn heads as you stay hydrated? With a Vendula London water bottle, you’re purchasing something much more than just a practical product; it’s also an extension of your personality. 

Each design is chock full of color and eye-catching attention to detail, whether our characterful Jungle Green Insulated Water Bottle, complete with a cute tiger, or our love heart-dappled Dark Blue Insulated Water Bottle. 

Our bottles will keep your cold drinks cool or hot beverages at perfect drinking temperature thanks to clever insulation, allowing you to enjoy your tipple wherever you go!


Vendula London is a Vegan-Approved company. 


That’s right, thanks to our ethos on animal-friendly practices and cruelty-free production, our homeware collection is certified as Vegan-Approved by The Vegetarian Society – now we’ll drink to that!