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Darling Dance Studio

Darling Dance Studio

Put on your tap shoes, grab those ballet slippers - the Vendula Darling Dance Studio is declared open for business! Part of our stylish Shopfront range, this beautiful selection of bags, wallets and purses incorporates soft neutral colors and plenty of characterful touches to result in an exceptional collection. Look behind the grand chandeliers and choreographed cats, and you’ll find there are stacks of space for everyday essentials. These are bags designed for any outfit, every day.

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About the Vendula Darling Dance Studio collection

Dance is one of the most interpretive, moving, and enchanting artforms, something that’s revered by most but only mastered by an enviable few. But, no matter your rhythm and grace, you’re now able to celebrate your love of dance with the Vendula Darling Dance Studio range. 

As you’d expect from any Vendula bag, there’s incredible attention to detail worked into each one of our unique products. From the shimmering chandeliers of the dance studio ceiling and pirouetting cats to soft pink roses and the tinkling of the imposing grand piano, the eye is drawn to every embossed aspect and carefully stitched detail. 

Looking past these lovingly crafted aesthetics, you’ll find a collection of accessories that offer plenty of substance as well as style. Our Darling Dance Studio range still boasts plenty of room for your belongings, and with secure zips, comfy handles, and adjustable straps, you’re able to wear them however and wherever you want!

Animal-friendly accessories.

At Vendula London, we ensure that our unique style and wearability come at no cost to animals. We create all of the products in our Shopfront range using cruelty-free processes, and we’re ‘vegan approved’ by the Vegetarian Society.