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Highland Fling

Highland Fling

Throw on your finest tartans and make some space for this beautiful Highlands-inspired collection. Our wee Vendula Highland Fling range of bags, wallets and purses is inspired by the stunning Scottish flora and fauna, native wildlife, and instantly recognizable tartan pattern. Our carefully selected print compliments the intricate detailing of these bags, from hand-drawn thistles to Nessy and Wallace the Westie!

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About our Vendula Highland Fling collection

Whether you’re proudly Scottish, an admirer of the country’s history and heritage, or you’re simply a fan of the natural fauna, flora, and wildlife; the Vendula Highland Fling collection captures all that’s great about Caledonia. 

Widely considered one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth, it’s easy to see why we at Vendula London have decided to celebrate this magnificent country with a collection of bags designed to turn heads and grab a wee compliment or two. 

Featuring eye-catching green tartan and gorgeous reds as deep as Loch Ness herself, we adorn our bags with exquisite hand-drawn thistles, flora, and wildlife that give these bags a character of their own. 

Scotland the brave, Vendula London the cruelty-free

Such is our passion for nature and the environment; we’re proud to say that we are a vegan-approved company accredited by the Vegetarian Society. 

What does this certificate mean? It means that all of our stunning products are sourced, created, and manufactured using zero animal testing.