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Animal Park

Tap into your wild side with our unique Vendula Animal Park collection. Visit Larry the rascal ring-tailed Lemur, or hang out with an outrageous Ostrich called Ola; these animal bags are packed full of fun! You’ll find a brand new backpack while we’ve kept the much-loved iconic Cut-Out Tote, in which Larry’s tail and Ola’s neck make up the handle. We’ve even added an internal removable pouch bag - thank us later! These two furry and feathered friends are guaranteed to bring plenty of cheer and personality to your wardrobe.

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About the Vendula Animal Park collection

If you’re an animal lover looking for the perfect bag, wallet or purse, search no further than our claw-some Vendula Animal Park bags! Bursting with personality and presence, you’ll find a couple of characters who are just waiting to run riot in your wardrobe. 

With Larry the ring-tailed Lemur and Ola the Ostrich, we’ve created an eye-catching, unique collection that says a lot about your love for animals while simultaneously looking effortlessly stylish too. 

We’ve incorporated the natural form of these furry, feathery companions into the design of each bag, where a lingering lemur tail or long ostrich neck doubles as a helpful handle on your travels. 

Fashioned on animals and cruelty-free

It’s not just the aesthetics of our collection that animals inspire; it’s our ethics too! Vendula London is committed to producing our products using zero animal testing, and we’re vegan-approved by the Vegetarian Society.

As such, we make sure that every stage of our manufacturing and all materials used are undertaken and sourced entirely cruelty-free.