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Whether cooking professionally or creating dishes at home, the apron is an indispensable kitchenware item. A chefs apron will protect you from any juices, grease or potentially hazardous hot splashes as you cook; plus, it’ll ensure that your clothes stay clear of pesky stains! At Vendula London, we’ve designed a collection of aprons in our signature style, meaning you’ll always look good in the kitchen.

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More about our Vendula London aprons.

In our eyes, an apron should never be an afterthought! The kitchen can be a dangerous environment, and you’d be surprised how much these practical pieces of kitchenware can protect you while cooking. 

Whether hot splashes from pans or troublesome grease and juices that can irritate skin or stain clothing, the apron offers a great deal of protection. However, just because this is a practical item – doesn’t mean it can’t have some personality too!

As with any Vendula London design, our aprons factor in plenty of characters and colours from our collections; doing so allows your style and personality to shine through as you conquer the kitchen. 

An animal-friendly range of aprons.

We design and manufacture our Vendula London aprons using zero animal testing and cruelty-free practices. As a result of this ethos, we’re certified as Vegan-Approved by The Vegetarian Society.