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Vendula London puzzles are the perfect gift for enthusiasts and newcomers alike! We’ve taken many of our favourite Boutique designs from our much-loved handbag collection and turned them into 2D puzzles that are the perfect time passers. So whether it’s the hustle and bustle of a busy Georgian street or the hush of a mysterious library, you can’t beat a good old puzzle!

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Take some time out with a Vendula London puzzle

Sometimes we are too caught up in the rat race of everyday life to enjoy the simple things; whether we’re rushing to work or wasting countless hours staring at our phone screen – it’s easy to lose touch with pastimes we should still find the time to enjoy. 

Puzzles have occupied our minds and entertained us for hours on end for centuries. The first jigsaw puzzle was invented around 1760 and consisted of a map glued to a flat sheet of wood; this was then cut into separate pieces following the lines of the different countries depicted. 

These days, you’ll find all manner of puzzle styles, from mammoth creations ranging into tens of thousands of pieces to smaller sets that everyone can enjoy. At Vendula London, you’ll discover a challenging (but not daunting) collection of puzzles that’ll entertain you or your loved ones for hours. 

Our 1,000-piece designs mirror many of our best-selling Boutique range handbags, meaning you can pick out a favourite style and enjoy creating your very own masterpiece!