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Vendula Apothecary

Vendula Apothecary

Are you feeling a little under the weather? Vendula London has prescribed you a whole load of style! Explore the enchanting Vendula Apothecary collection, part of our popular Shopfronts range, where you’ll find a stunning selection of unique bags and accessories. Lovingly embroidered and embossed with incredible detail, our apothecary is a treasure trove of medicinal bottles, odds and ends that’ll draw the eye and capture your imagination, as well as plenty of compliments!

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More about the Vendula Apothecary collection

The Vendula Apothecary is a magical place, full of strange medicines, mysterious remedies and far-flung ingredients from every corner of the globe. But, of course, it’s also a place where you’ll find tons of style and space too!

Our signature attention to detail means that you’ll look so good, heads will spin! Our accessories feature eye-catching colour schemes and a superbly stitched Shopfront design that will keep you window shopping for hours. Peek inside, and you’ll spot the assortment of bottles, vials, dusty books and the Vendula shop owl.

Each bag also makes sure to leave a substantial amount of space for everyday essentials and a little extra too, plus our ergonomically designed straps and handles mean you can wear in comfort however long you’re out and about.

The animal-friendly Apothecary range

As is the case with all Vendula London products, you’ll find that we use cruelty-free processes across our collections.

From design to our soft vegan leathers, our care to remain completely animal-friendly means that we’re vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society.