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House of Jazz

Welcome all you cool cats to the Vendula House of Jazz! Don your glad rags for a night on the town with your new Vendula companion. Open the door (literally) and join us under the glow (yep glow in the dark aspects!) of the soft lights and enjoy the sweet music of the house band – of course made up of cats! The House of Jazz collection also features this season’s new shapes – the Charlotte and the Mini Grace – you don’t want to miss these! Life is a lot like Jazz – it’s best when you improvise!

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About Vendula House of Jazz bags

The Vendula House of Jazz immerses you in the music and magic of the super cool, laidback music scene of Creole City. Serenaded by Vendula’s in-house jazz cats, our striking design will have you transported to the heady days of 1920s New Orleans. Close your eyes, and you’ll swear that you’re surrounded by dim lights, sweet perfume, Louisiana liquor and the seductive swing of jazz music.

Taking some inspiration from ‘20s flapper bags, our House of Jazz collection goes one step further to embody a whole host of styles within one eye-catching range. From grace bags and grab bags to classic crossbody bags and stylish purses, whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find an accessory that hits all the right notes.

Animal-friendly and environmentally conscious fashion

Our Vendula House of Jazz collection isn’t just easy on the eye; it’s also produced 100% cruelty-free too. We go to great lengths to ensure that the sourcing and manufacturing of our products involve no animal testing, and we’re vegan-approved by the Vegetarian Society.