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Vendula Flower Shop

Vendula Flower Shop

Bright, colourful and full of character, our Vendula Flower Shop collection lives up to its name! These stunning accessories are part of our popular Shopfronts range. Thanks to their striking yellow design and delicate floral details, you can guarantee that these bags will garner plenty of attention. They’re not just easy on the eye either, as each clasp, strap and handle is thoughtfully designed with the wearer in mind.

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About the Vendula Flower Shop collection

Our Vendula Flower Shop accessories really conjure up the spirit of summer. With their cheery design and attention to detail, close your eyes, and you’ll swear you hear the sound of sprinklers, the tinkling of an ice cream van and the splash of a paddling pool!
Comprised in a gorgeous yellow colourway and finished with complimentary, delicate embossed flowers and stitched flower shop accents, we’ve managed to capture the energy and character of a sun-filled flower shop down to every last detail.

We're not just focused on the aesthetics either, as is the case with all Vendula London products; our bags must fit into your everyday life and work for you while still looking great. So we’ve ensured that this Shopfronts collection still leaves plenty of space for your belongings, with straps, clasps, zips and handles that you can wear in comfort for years to come.

The animal-friendly Flower Shop range

We’re lovers of nature at Vendula London, and we’re passionate about employing cruelty-free methods and a strict zero animal testing policy with all of our products.
This stance means that we’re ‘vegan approved’ by the Vegetarian Society.