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Colour Pop Pouches

Colour Pop Pouches

Sometimes your ensemble is yearning for a splash of colour. You know those days, right? As you bemoan the existence of your many black and brown handbags? Vendula London is here to upgrade your outfit with our stunning colour pop pouches! Here you’ll find a vast collection of hues and designs to match whatever shade you’re feeling, meaning your wardrobe has zero limitations!

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Discover the Vendula London collection with bags of colour!

At Vendula London, we’re the passionate purveyors of handbags, wallets and purses that allow you to portray your personality and style. Of course, we’re known for our unique creations that turn heads and garner compliments thanks to their individuality – but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do understated too! 

Explore our collection of colour pop pouches, and you’ll find a subtle range of gorgeous one-tone hues that keep things simple, sleek and undeniably stylish. So whatever your favourite colour or however you want to accent a specific ensemble, you’re sure to find just the right shade. 

Whether soft pastel shades and dusty tones or daring, bold colours that stand out and make a statement, the ideal addition to your wardrobe is just waiting to be discovered. 

Colourful bags that are cruelty-free

We create all of our Vendula London bags using zero animal testing and cruelty-free methods, whether that’s our processes or soft vegan leathers. This ethos means that we’re proudly certified as Vegan Approved by The Vegetarian Society!