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Vendula Cheers

Vendula Cheers

There’s nothing that Brits love more than a good old trip to the pub, so of course, we simply had to celebrate one of the nation’s favourite pastimes with a stunning new collection of handbags! Step into Vendula Cheers, a range that welcomes you with open arms, raised glasses and bubbles aplenty. Here there’s something for revellers of all tastes, from the eye-catching brilliant pub dartboard-shaped bag and its matching purse to your very own spacious bottle of bubbly.

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Quench your thirst for fashion at Vendula Cheers.


Socialising has been under the microscope in recent years, and as lockdowns loomed and our nearest and dearest were isolating away, there’s one thing that many of us missed and yearned for… The pub! 

Long lazy evenings and sun-drenched days were lost; during this time, Vendula London became inspired and decided to celebrate one of Britain’s favourite activities with a fantastic new collection of unique handbags

You’ll find plenty of fun and head-turning designs in our Vendula Cheers range, whether the classy outline of our upmarket champagne bottle bag or the down-to-earth and unashamedly boozy dartboard-shaped bag with its matching dartboard purse. 

We’re also serving up some fabulous homeware accessories, including high-quality themed notepads and the gorgeous Vendula Cheers makeup bags – perfect for powdering your nose and looking your glamorous best when out and about! One thing’s for sure; this collection will soon fly off the shelves, so grab your next favourite fashion accessory before its last orders! 


Vendula Cheers is against animal cruelty.


At Vendula London, our stance is firm on creating our collections using cruelty-free means and absolutely zero animal testing. From sourcing to our soft vegan leathers, we’re responsible for protecting animals.

The Vegetarian Society has recognised this mantra, and we’re proud that Vendula London is certified as Vegan-Approved.