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The Seashell B&B Backpack

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Would you love a different bag for every day of the week? Well we’ve got great news for you: The Seashell B&B Backpack can be used as a crossbody or a grab bag! The denim-like fabric and summery artwork featuring a kitty napping on a sofa, a friendly beagle at the door and the seagull on the roof will definitely catch everyone’s eye this summer as you go by!  Head for the beach and maybe that kitty will share her umbrella with you.

  • 100%
    B&B Backpack
    Absolutely in love with Vendula, especially the backpacks and cross body bags. This backpack is so sweet, soft and beautiful

  • 100%
    Must buy
    I have 6 backpacks and this is so beautiful, colours and detail amazing, I can’t help but want more ❤️