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Sherlock Detective Agency Speedy Bowler

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We can’t get enough of the Sherlock Detective Agency Speedy Bowler: it’s roomy, gorgeous and easy to carry. It can fit all you need for a day or night out and will go wonderfully with any of our wallets and purses. It has stud feet at the bottom so it stays clean wherever you leave it but you can clean the outside with a damp cloth if needed. You can use it as a handbag or attach the strap and carry it over the shoulder or crossbody if you prefer, and you will look like ‘’the cat that solved the crime’’ with such a beautiful bag!

  • 100%
    One of my Favourite ranges
    Love this bag...also bought in the mini grace size. Took it on a recent trip to New Zealand.....Stopped at customs because the officer loved my bag... Read More

  • 100%
    That's amazing!! I never seen something Like this.. It's Perfect for me,perfect for all!!! Beautiful and very high quality... Simply wow!!