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Heritage – Edwardian Pier Unicorn Candle

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Have you got room for an extra candle on your shelves? The Heritage – Edwardian Pier Candle in the shape of a bright pink sleepy unicorn looks beautiful and the details on this little accessory are just stunning (look at the flowers on the unicorn’s mane, its tail and the little cat nestled on its back). What name should we give it? Tell us what you call yours! Watch out for the little girls in your life, this is going to be a very popular little decorative piece, so better buy a few if you want to keep one or two for yourself.

We recommend using our unicorn candle for decorative purposes, however, if you do wish to light the candle, please place it on a heatproof dish with sides, to collect any dripping wax. Our unicorn has some very delicate detailing and every care is taken to package it very carefully, but some parts may come loose in transit. If anything is loose when your candle arrives, you can very carefully melt it slightly with a lighter or match so that it can be reattached. Each candle is individually hand-poured so please allow for very small variations. Each item is completely unique and these small differences are celebrated as part of the unique and one-off design.

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