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Animal Park - Tiger Universal Flip Phone Case

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Tigers can use their ears to communicate. Unfortunately, we don’t have this ability yet, but we’re lucky to have Vendula London to give us the coolest phone accessories! The Animal Park - Tiger Universal Flip Phone Case* is secure and will protect your phone at all times. It comes with a wrist strap, so you can carry it with ease whenever you go out and about without your Animal Park bag. It also comes with a few card slots and space for notes – smart, isn’t it? Did we say that it also matches your bag and wallet to perfection? Seriously, what’s not to love about this phone case!


*Our cases are designed for all-round protection, unfortunately no case is indestructible and Vendula London Ltd does not warrant that this case will protect your phone against all circumstances.


*Case will fit 90% of mobile phones on the market - the maximum size the case can hold is 16.6cm (H) x 7.8cm (W)

  • 100%
    Beautiful case

  • 100%
    Stunning phone case! Fits my iPhone 13 Pro perfectly